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Eligibility and Referral

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Who is the program designed for?
  • Permanent resident card or confirmation of permanent residence (landing paper)
  • Manitoba Health card
  • Social Insurance Card (required for Employment Skills Program only)
Parents or youth may call General Inquiry at (204) 940-1260.
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  • Landed Immigrant or Refugee status (parents cannot have a working visa)
  • Youth aged 16 to 29, attending high school
  • Can be employed or have previous job experience in Canada
  • Children and youth aged 6 and up, until the completion of high school
  • Living in non-permanent housing
  • Awaiting placement in Canadian school
  • Government Assisted Refugee status or Privately Sponsored Refugee status
  • Immigrant and Refugee youth in school, aged 6 to 21 or until high school is completed.
  • Landed Immigrant or Refugee status

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